Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access to your service?
Immediately after you have paid you will be redirected to our Web site members’ area. There you will see a “Service” section, when that shows active you are ready to start viewing our programming. You will also get a notification by email once the service is active. Usually it is with in two hours after payment your service will be active.

If you are not directed there after payment or it is taking longer than four hours to be active, e-mail us at Support(at)

Are there any additional costs once a member?
No, once a member we will not to try to sell you additional stuff or upgrades. Pay the subscription fee and your done.

How long has your company been in business? has been in business since early 2008. We are the pioneers of online tv and in our 12 years of service have perfected our service.

How do I watch online TV?
Depending on which device you will be viewing will determine how you will view the programming. We do have some devices that will require an app which is supplied by use at no extra charge.

What type of sports can I watch?
We have a special LIVE! SPORTS section in our members’ area to allow you to view live sports from all over the world. You will be able to watch daily: soccer, cricket, rugby, pro basketball, pro football, pro baseball and pro hockey and much more.

Are there lots of sports matches for me to view?
Yes, hundreds of events in all different levels and categories are shown every single week.

Are the TV channels available 24/7?
Yes, all of the programming is available 24/7. This is no different than a cable or satellite service. If there is a specific channel for some reason that isn’t working you can contact us and we will get it fixed.

Is legal?
Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open legal 3rd-party broadcasts which we get legal rights to the content which is not illegal. We don’t broadcast any of the TV channels directly but our service is to find legal broadcasts for your viewing and save you the time of doing this yourself.

How many TV channels are included in the package?
Our service package comes with over 6,000 TV channels from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts. And when we say 6,000 channels, we mean it, unlike others. In addition to TV channels we have over 30,000 On Demand movies and TV shows.

You list some channels on the your home page list of channels, Are there any more?
The channel list we show on is a SMALL SAMPLE of what is provided. You will see many popular channels from all over the world. We have many more that are not on the list we provide with this program, not to mention all of the movie downloads and sporting events provided that are not on the list.

The only problem with our service is that we will not be able to list or locate channels for you. With this many channels I think you would understand why we cannot list all the channels provided.

What is the quality of the picture? Almost all of our TV channels are in HD with some changing over the 4K and even 8K.

Can I watch this on my Big Screen TV?
If you have a Smart TV or any other device with browser ability (allowing to connect to the Web) then you will be given a few app options to dowload. We also strongly suggest to get Firestick if you have an HDMI on your TV. This turns your current TV into a Smart TV.

You can use an old fashion method of connecting your PC/laptop directly to your big screen TV if both devices have an HDMI port.

Will I get updated TV?
Of course! This is what sets our service apart from all the rest. Usually everytime you login there will be a new update which also may include new programs and channels.

What if I am not happy with your service?
We offer a 7-day money back guarantee for ANY REASON. Whether you are unhappy with our service or if you find it is not working on your device, etc. Simply contact us and we will refund ALL of your subscription fee you paid. We will not try to sell you on another program or give you any hassle.

How can I get in touch with you if I have more questions about the program or my membership when I join?
You can write to us at

Comparison in Service Providers

Cable TV Service


$99.95 / avg. per month

300 TV Channels
Equipment Needed
Wait for Install
Impossible Support


$19.95 / month

6,000 TV Channels
NO Equipment Needed
NO Waiting for Install
Great Support!

Satellite TV Service


$129.99 / avg. per month

400 TV Channels
Equipment Needed
Wait for Install
Impossible Support

Cost are estimates based on averages from several different providers.

* Most cable and satellite providers require a yearly commitment subscription to get discounted prices.

Our service is a one-time fee and requires no commitment or contacts!