Here you can view instructions and tips on how to view our programming so it’s a smooth process.

The three sections presented are:

1. Program Navigation & Features
2. Program Information & Tips
3. TV Channel Viewing Instructions

1. Program Navigation & Features

Here we will explain where to find all the TV programming we provide, software (if needed), technical support, and bonuses.

You will see the left side bar of page will contain the following:

TV GUIDE – You will be able to view the days scheduled programs for many popular TV channels by clicking on the TV Guide link located at the top of the left side menu bar. This TV guide is for reference only and you will not be able to access the TV channels directly from the TV Guide page. You can get information on upcoming shows, view TV information etc.

Popular Channels – Here we list the most popular TV channels like: CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, TNT, USA NETWORK, TBS, ANIMAL PLANET, A&E, TLC, SPIKE TV, DISNEY CHANNEL, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, EUROSPORT, BLOOMBERG, NICKELODEON, COMEDY CENTRAL, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, BBC, HLN, SYFY, CARTOON NETWORK, SKY NEWS, AL JAZEERA and many more… You will simply select the popular TV channel of your choice and start watching. Most of the channels will have a 30 to 60 second buffering which will display an advertisement when it buffers. After the 30 to 60 seconds, close the ads if needed and start viewing live TV.

Direct TV Viewer – You can use our Direct TV Viewer which is like having a downloaded software viewer with out having to download the software. You can view popular channels from all over the world or popular local and global TV channels. There is no immediate sign up required to view the basic channels. Some of the channels or advanced features such as saving shows, recording show, etc. may require a free sign up and is optional if you choose.

Global TV – You will be able to connect to hundreds of TV channels from around the world using this feature. Every TV channel is categorized by country. Simply click on the TV channel of your choice and start viewing many popular channels without having to download any software. The channels listed in this section are not always broadcasting. However, you will usually see a few different links to same channel. Simply try a link that is active.

Local TV – Using this option will give you direct links to local TV stations in your area. You can search by country, state, region, etc. We cannot guarantee you will find all of your local TV stations, but you will find many using this search option. You can also refine your search by selecting the region, country, state, city and then channel.

Sports TV – Watch live sporting events from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and many other sporting events from around the world.

Provided in the Sports TV section will be a few different ways to view live sporting events from all over the world.

1. Popular Sports Channels
We will list popular sporting TV channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, EuroSports, NASCAR, Tennis, Golf, etc for you to select and start viewing instantly from our servers.

2. LIVE! Sports Links
We provide a few different direct link to popular sporting even providers. If you are looking for live games, scheduled events, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc this is the easiest way to locate and view popular events such as NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, WWE etc.

V.O.D (Video on Demand) – Watch TV shows and movies when you want with our special VOD section. This will be very easy to use; Login to your iPCTV members account, then select the TV show or movie you want to watch.

A. TV Shows
You will be able to watch hundreds of past and present TV shows from the major TV networks like CBS, ABC,NBC, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, TNT, A&E, USA, HISTORY, WB, and much much more. Start watching all of your favorite TV shows of all time in a matter of minutes and when ever you want.

B. VOD Movies
We will list current Hollywood blockbuster movies for your to watch. These are the full movie and are provided by movie studios so these are 100% legal. There will be some movies that may cost additional money to view. Those are optional

Internet Radio – You can search thousands of live radio stations using our “Radio Live” section using our special software or direct connect link we provide.

Technical Support – If you are having issues with viewing the programs we provide we will suggest to first take a look at the technical support page. We may have a simple solution to resolve your issues.

If you cannot find a solution to the problem you can contact our support team at as we offer free technical support to all of our members. We usually respond very quickly, but depending on the support load allow up to 24 hours for a response.

You can also get the information you need to connect your PC/laptop to your main TV by visiting our Tech Support page. We will explain what will be needed and where to get any hardware needed for connection.

Members Bonuses – Here we list all the free bonuses we promised before becoming a member.

Please do not distribute your membership information or any of the content on our site.

All TV logos are trademarks of each respective company.

All TV channels, shows, events, movies, etc are broadcast by third-party sources. iPctv doesn’t broadcast any events directly and respects given copyrights. will remove any copyrighted information if known or requested by copyright holders.

Terms of Service and Disclosure
Our company doesn’t broadcast any of the programs provided in the members area. We only provide links to existing broadcasts that are already being broadcast over the Internet by copyright holders and/or other parties that may or may not have authorization to broadcast. We do our best to determine if the content is being broadcast through third parties legally. We will advise you to always view at your own discretion. We are providing a service for a one-time price that offers these links which are transmitted free over the Internet. Our service mines the channels and updates the many thousands of channels to assure our members will always have active channels and will save our members time searching for these channel themselves.

We respect the copyright and content of the TV channel, or movie owners. If we find that any broadcast being provided through our service is an infringement of the copyright owner we will remove the content. If we are notified through DMCA that any content is being distributed illegally without copyright owners consent, we will remove the content.

2. Program Information & Tips

If you are having issues with video or audio playing for any of the channels, please check for a solution as mentioned below.

Refresh Page

First “Refresh:” the page to make sure the stream didn’t get tied up in buffering.

Common Error Message

If a channel loads and you receive the following error on screen:

“Message: File as invalid structure
Details: Manifest is not a valid M3U8 file”

Close the window and immediately restart the channel.

If you still receive the same error message, try the channel later or view additional channel streams if available.

Allow Flash Player

Check your browser search bar to make sure your Flash plugin is active, you will need to allow the Adobe Flash plugin.

You may want to try a different Web browser, for example if you are using Firefox, then try Google Chrome, If you are using Google Chrome, try Internet Explorer, etc. etc.

Use Firefox or Google Chrome to View TV Channels for our Program
All of our programs have been tested using Firefox and Google Chrome. We suggest to avoid viewing issues to use any current versions of Firefox or Google Chrome while viewing our programs. You may try viewing with your current Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, but if you are having any issues the first thing we will suggest is to use either Firefox or Google Chrome..

You can download Firefox or Google Chrome fro free from below links:




  • We find Firefox seems to be the best for viewing our programming.


Don’t Download or Purchase Anything from Third-Party Sites
Many of the TV channels we provide are through third-party links. Many of these sites will ask you to download different things, DON’T download anything unless our program specifically tells you to do so. You will see these third party sites will try to sell you different things and that is not required. This is how they make money but you are not required to download or purchase anything from these third-party sites through our program.

No Premium or Upgrades Required
Some of the TV feeds you will run across through our program may ask you to upgrade to a premium account in order to view channel. Again, that is not required through our program.

Video Screen Pop Up Ads
When you select a TV channel to view we will give brief instructions on how to view the channel if needed. Most TV channel will load an advertisement on screen or in pop up while the TV channels loads. This is fine as this is how the broadcaster can offer the TV channels for free. After the video loads, simply click the Xs on advertisement boxes to remove ads. You may get a pop up ad as well, simply close the pop up window.

If you are watching a channel and are continuing to get ad box pop ups, you can simply view in full screen and all ads will never show up again.

Mobile Smartphone Users
Many of our channels are mobile friendly on smartphones. However, there may be some channels that redirect you directly to video source on smartphones. Also there will be some TV channels not available on mobile smartphones. Almost all of the TV channels are available on mobile tablets or iPads as long as you have the updated video drivers or software.

No Adult Channels
We don’t provide any adult or mature channels directly. If you see a link on our site that is directing you to this type of content please contact us and we will remove the link. With as many channels as we provide we may miss some adult material through 3rd party links.

Don’t Bookmark Members Pages
Don’t bookmark any of the members pages (such as this page you are on), as these are secure pages and the links change daily.

Loging into Members Area
Check your payment receipt to confirm the website you joined. WatchOnlineTV provides programming for several different Online TV services. You will only be able to login through the website your originally purchased from.

3. TV Channel Viewing Instructions

We will give specific viewing instructions on each of the TV channel pages. Here we are going to give you the general instructions for most of the TV channels and show you how simple it will be to view the channels through our program.

We will provide you with two primary viewing options.



SIMPLE CONNECT – All you need to do is click on a channel and it will connect and start playing usually within 30 to 60 seconds depending on your Internet connection speed. You may get a pop up ad, simply click the X on ad to close.

VERIFIED CONNECT –  The other popular type of channels we will provide is a verification channel. You may need to verify that your not a robot to view the channel the first time. You then click the Play > button and watch the channel.

Here is how to use the Verified Connect TV channels:

A. Click the > PLAY button to start streaming

First Time Verification – When you first view a channel it may require you to verify you are not a robot or hacker.

Here are the two common verification processes you may see. YOU MAY get one of the following:


Enter the number that is displayed in verification, then click on the “Validate” and TV channel will start.

  • After you do the verification once, you don’t have to do it again while logged in.

B. There may be a short commercial or advertisement box covering screen while you connect to the channel.

C. Allow up to 30 seconds (depending on your connection speed) for some TV channel to load.

D. After you have fully connected to channel you should then see the live stream and hear sound. You may need to close the advertisement boxes over screen if they don’t close automatically.

Here is how to close the advertisement boxes:


After the counter counts down to 0, you will click on the “Close Ads” and no ads will be displayed.


  • Never click on any pop ups that mention you need to download plugin, software or require you to upgrade to view channel. Just click the X to close that out. No downloads, plugins or upgrades required through our program.
  • You can try viewing the TV channels with your current Web browser. However, TV channels are best viewed with Firefox or Google Chrome Web browser. We provide a free download in the Program Information & Tips section.
  • If you are getting pop up ads continuously, watch the channel in Full View – Full Screen which will eliminate that issue



If a channel loads and you receive the following error on screen:

“Message: File as invalid structure
Details: Manifest is not a valid M3U8 file”

Close the window and immediately restart the channel.

If you still receive the same error message, try the channel later or view additional channel streams if available.